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Why You Should Never Buy Disposable Utility Lighters

Why You Should Never Buy Disposable Utility Lighters

Approximately one billion disposable lighters are sold in the United States annually, and Americans throw away 350 million disposable lighters. Next time you are shopping for a utility lighter for your house, RV, or work, here are some reasons you should consider before buying another disposable utility lighter.

Don't Buy Disposables

Disposable utility lighters like the ones you find at your local grocery store or pharmacy are not recyclable, which means they are bad for the environment and they end up in landfills. Furthermore, if you throw away a plastic lighter that still contains a little bit of lighter fluid it poses a serious risk of igniting.

Most disposable lighters are made from cheap materials and therefore are prone to breakage. This can result in the lighter not igniting when you need a reliable flame and you end up throwing it away.

Also, disposables end up costing you more in the long run because you have to continuously buy new lighters when they strike empty.

What To Do Instead

To avoid having to throw disposable lighters away in the future, consider using a refillable utility lighter like the InfiniteLite. Since the lighter is refillable, it's eco-friendly and green for the environment because you will never need to dispose it. The InfiniteLite is made from high grade materials and impeccable craftsmanship. This means that you can be sure that its design is made to last, and last long. An added benefit is that it also has a patented child safety switch so children can not ignite it accidentally.

So, before buying your next utility lighter to light your BBQ grill, fireplace, or your RV water heater, opt for a reusable and refillable utility lighter instead of a disposable and you will do your part in contributing to a cleaner environment and ultimately save yourself money in over time. 

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